The Animations Behind Hops

We are not your average beer belt company.
We have dedicated a dedicated animation team who has been creating illustrations that highlight our mascot, the Hops Cowboy and his marvelous products. Each animation features one (or several) of our brilliant Hops products and conveys how to infuse more party into the life of your party. They are a mixture of funny and absurd. Enjoy.

The Latest

  • Against All Odds
    Released March 2010.
    Playing Time: 2 Min 30 Sec

    Seemingly stranded at the edge of a cliff, the Cowboy reminds the world why he actually will never remain long in a position of desperation. Leaping, flying, out-swimming sharks... CLICK TO PLAY

  • Belting Out of Control
    Released June 2007.
    Playing Time: 3 Min 20 Sec

    After being nominated at Cannes, the latest installment of Hops Cinema has arrived. Millions of belts later, the Cowboy is often criticized for perhaps losing his edge... CLICK TO PLAY

  • Wowing The World
    Released January 2005.
    Playing Time: 2 Min 30 Sec

    This classic film made its original debut circa 2004. It is a pretty vivid depiction of the early days for the Hops Cowboy, when he used to arrive unexpectedly at a bar, party, wherever... CLICK TO PLAY