Belting Out of Control

After being nominated at Cannes, the latest installment of Hops Cinema has arrived. Millions of belts later, the Cowboy is often criticized for perhaps losing his edge, being a tad gaudy, and not performing to par. This film was designed to address these growing concerns. So has the cowboy become jaded, too wealthy? The film begins by portraying the excesses that now permeate the Cowboy's life. From the helicopter to the trailing entourage to the self aggrandizing commissioned statues in the garden, one would think that the Cowboy is perhaps out of control... until the viewer takes a closer look, witnessing the Cowboy's unseemly control over his fans, the party-goers, and his own body as he navigates a helicopter, cartwheels across his own lawn, and finds time to consult with his publicist. So by the end, all questions are answered. Too wealthy? Perhaps. Jaded? Not a chance. Like a diamond, Hops is forever.

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