About This Badass Brand

The HopsHolster brand is now almost 10 years old. Hopsholster was founded on the premise of increasing the level of comfort, convenience, and coolness during the beverage consumption process. While some of our products are clearly designed to enhance the mood of the party, many of our products are used by serious aficionados of insulated beverage consumption during hiking, camping, tailgating, road-tripping, chilling, etc. The Hopsholster product line has always been developed using the finest insulation materials to ensure the coolest consumption of beverages whether you’re downing 6 cans among friends or traversing a mountain with a fine bottle of Riesling - The Hops line will keep you cool.

The original “beer belt” was launched in the late 1970’s with a trademark “Bandito Beer Belt” however the mark was abandoned and then cancelled in 1988. About a decade ago, we trail blazed the “beer belt” by launching the original HopsHolster beverage/beer belt.

We are the most badass beer belt company in the world. We are so badass that we have both trademarks and now a patent pending for some of our designs and ideas. We also have an animation division whose sole mission is to create humorous animations dedicated to the Hops Cowboy.

And don’t forget about the promise our company made to photography beautiful women embraced in Hops for perpetuity.

Available in a limited number of retail outlets, the HopsHolster product line is available direct from our website. The Hops line is also available in bulk sales to corporations and larger groups with personalization/customization available as well.